The NECF is mandated to facilitate dialogue and secure consensus among the Zimbabwean stakeholders namely:

  • Government,
  • business,
  • labour,
  • academia and civil society

to achieve mutual prosperity.

Specifically, it seeks to deliver the following to enhance socio-economic development of the country:-

  • Smart partnership amongst key economic players, namely:
    • government,
    • private sector,
    • labour,
    • civil society,
    • academia and
    • other stakeholders;
  • A participatory framework in national economic policy formulation through interchange of ideas and experiences among government, private sector, labour, academia and civil society;
  • A Coordinated, monitoring and evaluation of national economic policy implementation;
  • A platform for forging national consensus on a shared vision for national economic development;
  • A culture of consultation and consensus building in policy formulation through dialogue;
  • and Provision of a forum for national debate on topical economic issues and recommendation of well-considered views and policy options to Government.